3526 Fremont Place North

Suite A (upstairs)

Seattle, WA. 98103

(206) 930 4766


(Unless the Walk In Sign is Out)


     I help to develop identities, to celebrate the individual and recognize that through personal style I can capture the unique personality of each of my clients. Everyone walks into a salon hoping to walk out transformed. What are the possibilities? How can we create the very best look for you? Your hair defines who you are and how you want to be treated. It refines how you feel. Avant garde and popular culture inspire my practice. I follow the basic principal that form follows function. For me, this love affair with hair is a continuous exploration. I am passionate about what I do and seek innovation. My techniques are intricate, subtle and complex. They require the attention of finely tuned sensibility and open minds. My work illustrates the synergy between cut, color and styling, adhering to a holistic vision.

     This is not your typical pretentious salon environment, it's a one on one experience in a small studio setting. This hip modern space mixes the energy of the busy city with a comfortable feel. So come kick off your shoes, have a drink, read a trashy magazine and get some fabulous style.


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